Board Members

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Andy Horsnell

Andy at Ross CreekAndy Horsnell, Director & President – For over 25 years, Andy has been helping people use entrepreneurship for positive change. He got his start working in rural Nova Scotia, providing coaching and training to help people start their own small businesses. In the mid-1990s, Andy started working with local non-profit organizations, helping them to start and grow social enterprises that used a business model to directly address important community issues. Since then, he has gone on to consult, train and volunteer with 100s of social entrepreneurs throughout North America. He is a regular speaker at national conferences, and is the vice chair of the Social Enterprise Council of Canada, and founding director of the Social Enterprise Network of Nova Scotia.

In 2012, Andy co-founded Common Good Solutions (CGS), which has become one the leading social enterprise development firms in the country, offering a full range of enterprise consulting, training, and marketing services.  Andy and his family live in beautiful Kingsport, Nova Scotia.

Dayle Eshelby

DayleDayle Eshelby, Director & Vice President – Dayle draws strength from enduring community growth and development. Dayle is the Rural Coordinator for St. Mary’s Silver Economy Engagement Network and a Lockeport Town Councillor. Dayle leadsRESOLVE! Management enhancing development leadership by empowering an organization’s people and has Community Service Employment Support Caseworker experience. Involvement with academic institutions include Research Assistant and Coordinator in a partnership with Mount St Vincent University/ Tri-County Women’s Centre, over fifteen years at McGill University and participation in the President’s Roundtable at the Canadian Association for University Continuing Education National Convection. Locally Dayle was Lockeport’s Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) Coordinator and is Chairperson of numerous community boards.


Leon de Vreede

Leon_de_Vreede_Photo_1Leon de Vreede (MCIP, LPP), Director & Secretary – Leon is the Sustainability Planner for the Town of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. He coordinated the public planning process for the Town’s Integrated Community Sustainability Plan from 2008 to 2010, and is currently working with the community to implement its action plan. A citizen of The Netherlands, Leon has lived in Nova Scotia since 1999, when he came here to study environmental science at Acadia University. He has worked on community grassroots environmental projects ever since, and in 2004 was a founding member of the Centre for Rural Sustainability, a community non-profit organization based at Acadia University. His interests in sustainability, education, and facilitation have allowed him to act as a sustainability advisor for businesses and local governments. In his free time he enjoys to travel, garden, spend time in nature, volunteer in his community, and practice aikido.


Christine Heming

Christine SloanChristine Heming, Director & Treasurer – Christine is a former associate professor, School of Human Communication Disorders, Dalhousie University, and former Consultant in Student Services for the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board. In addition, for over 35 years she has been a practitioner and teacher of mindfulness meditation.

She holds the view that it is possible for human society to flourish within the ecological limits of the earth. This cultural shift means reconnecting with our longing for peace, social justice, and a caring community. Creating a fair and equitable economy is an important part of this shift. As a Shastri (senior teacher) of Shambhala, Christine engages community groups in exploring how we can manifest this view.

Elizabeth Allard

Elizabeth AllardElizabeth Allard, Director – Betsy has worked with individuals and residential community groups for over 3 decades. Her focus includes promotion of healthy practices, well being and the use of plain language in community dialogue.

She has worked on a wide range of planning initiatives and in projects fostering partnerships among community groups.

Rankin MacSween

 Rankin MacSween, Director – Rankin has served as president of New Dawn Enterprises (, a not-for-profit social enterprise in Sydney, Nova Scotia for twenty years. Rankin has witnessed and sought to influence the rapidly changing social and economic Cape Breton landscape. In an effort to move towards its vision of a self-reliant people in a vibrant community, New Dawn today administers a Real Estate company, a Health Care company, a Community College, a Meals on Wheels program, a Community Engagement and Education division, the New Dawn Centre for Social Innovation, and a multi-million dollar Community Economic Development Investment Fund.  Rankin has served as a Founding Director of Island Community Justice, Chair of the Cape Breton Branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association, and a Founding Director of the Canadian Community Economic Development Network. He is engaged in the follow-up to the One Nova Scotia Report as a One Nova Scotia coalition member.