Climate Change Retreat

Sept 28 – Oct 1, 2017

Thinkers Lodge, Pugwash

Nova Scotia, Canada

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Thinkers Lodge Retreat

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Regan Rosburg – Regan is a Denver-based artist and naturalist. Recently, her artistic work has been an investigation into society’s collective grief, melancholia and mania which manifests as consumption and distraction. She has conducted biology-based research trips to the Bahamas, Canada, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Thailand, The Pacific Northwest Coast, and the Smokey Mountains of Northeast Tennessee.  

Chad Frischmann – Chad is the Vice President & Research Director at Project Drawdown and is the lead researcher and principal architect of the methodology and models used in Drawdown and all related publications. Chad has an interdisciplinary background in public policy, sustainable development, and environmental conservation, as well as over 17 years of experience in program management and strategic leadership.

John Eaton – John is a retired business executive whose career included both International Development projects and domestic tech companies in California.  Currently, he is also the Treasurer of two local non profit organizations where he lives:  Sustainable Lafayette and Lafayette Community Garden and Outdoor Learning Center.  A grandson of Cyrus Eaton, John has managed the non profit Pugwash Park Commissioners for the last 10 years which is the steward for the Thinkers Lodge National Historic site.  During that time he has presided over the restoration of the Lodge and adjacent Lobster Factory and the revitalization of its central mission to promote education, peace and security.