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 List of Local Prosperity Delegates 

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Centre for Local Prosperity Staff bios can be viewed here


Jennine Agnew-Kata

Jennine Agnew-Kata, Oshawa, ON (Literacy Network of Durham Region)  – I am leading a Career Ladders project in Ontario and two pilot sites are focusing on agri-good, food processing in rural communities. My interest is in developing great awareness of rural economic development needs that would support an agri-food Career Ladders approach in our communities. For more information on Career Ladders, please go to www.lindr.on.ca

Wanda Atwell

Wanda Atwell, Annapolis Royal, NS, Municipality of the County of Annapolis

Ann Anderson

Ann Anderson, Wolfville, NS (Director of Farmworks).

Karen Allen

Karen Allen, Annapolis Royal, NS, Aberdole & Associates

Michael Atkins

Michael Atkins, Toronto, ON – I live in LaHave Nova Scotia in the summers. Have been involved in economic development in  Northern Ontario for 30 years. The issues are the same; the objective to be useful.


Richard Bell

Richard Bell, Musquodoboit Harbour, NS (The Deanery Project).  I have a lifelong interest in local prosperity issues. I am chair of the board of the Deanery Project in Lower Ship Harbour, a rural learning centre, which inspires people to strengthen their community and natural environment through innovative, hands-on programs in food sovereignty, renewable energy, the arts, forest management, natural building, and healthy living. As senior editor of the Eastern Shore Cooperator, I have reported on the Annapolis 2050 plan.

Nicole Burkhard

Nicole Burkhard, Cornwallis Park, NS (Nova SCotia Department of Agriculture) – Because it’s important to discuss different ways of doing things and moving forward.

Patricia Bishop

Patricia Bishop Canada (TapRoot Farms) – I want to be part of the conversation surrounding prosperity in our local community in order to have responsibility to our community in the future. I am attending because I want to be present for the conversation, engage in the process, amd learn from others who are equally passionate about the value of local growth.

Nadine Barteaux

Nadine Barteaux, Annapolis Royal, NS, Municipality of the County of Annapolis 

Angus Bonnyman

Angus Bonnyman, Tatamagouche, NS

Mark Butler

Mark Butler, Halifax, NS (Ecology Action Centre)

Ray Bollman

Ray Bollman Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada – To learn about local development strategies

Linda Bent

Linda Bent, Annapolis Royal, NS, Municipality of the County of Annapolis 

Helene Branch

 Helene Branch, Shelburne, NS.  To connect with others dedicated to strengthening their communities and be inspired!

Nina Barnaby

Nina Barnaby, Smith’s Cove, Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia Community Colleg)  – Living in a rural area I feel it is important to participate in ways that help build capacity and to build a sustainable economy.

Gilles Babin

Gilles Babin, Yarmouth, NS, Western Regional Enterprise Network (Western REN) – I am an economic development officer in Southwest Nova Scotia.

Courtney Bonner

Courtney Bonner 

Councillor Mercedes Brian

Councillor Mercedes Brian, Wolfville, NS (Councillor Town of Wolfville) – I am here primarily as a councillor for the Town of Wolfville. I currently sit on the Planning Committee, the Audit Committee, the Source Water Protection Committee, Eco Kings, and the Kings Transit Authority Board. I act on permaculture principles and our future energy economy. I also have a farmer’s market business selling kombucha and wild-fermented sauerkrauts and pickles. Wolfville is a growing small urban density nestled in our rural landscape.

Eugénie Boudreau

Eugénie Boudreau Petit-Rocher, Nouveau-Brunswick, Canada (Association francophone des municipalités du Nouveau-Brunswick) – The Association francophone des municipalités du Nouveau-Brunswick (AFMNB) is working on an initiative called the Development of Regions Summit that aims to encourage a new development model which would foster the vitality and dynamism of our communities. This conference seems to be a good opportunity to reflect on new development models for rural areas of our province.

Linda Butters

Linda Butters, Dartmouth, NS


Eileen Cody

Eileen Cody, Glen Haven, NS (St Margarets Bay Stewardship Assoc.).  We are investigating ways to implement recommendations from the ONE report and look to this conference to give a framework within which we could build a foundation.

Levi Cliche

Levi Cliche Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada (Clean Annapolis River Project) – As the executive director of a watershed-based environmental non-profit in rural Nova Scotia, I wish to participate in this conference to learn new concepts and identify ways in which our organization can enhance ecological health while supporting social and economic prosperity locally. The conference?s theme and discussion topics provide an excellent opportunity to identify how Clean Annapolis River Project can work with our community toward shared goals.

Laurie Cook

Laurie Cook Musquodoboit Harbour, NS, Old School Community Gathering Place

Councillor Jane Cary

Councillor Jane Cary Grand Manan, NB, Village of Grand Manan – To bring pertinent information back to my fellow Councillors and our Mayor that may be beneficial to our community.

Councillor Ron Corbett

Councillor Ron Corbett Sackville, New Brunswick (Town of Sackville)

Gregg Clause

Gregg Clause,  Middlewood, NS, Milklake Shambhala Retreat Centre

Dawn Campbell

Dawn Campbell, Annapolis Royal, NS, Municipality of the County of Annapolis

Carrie Clem

Carrie Clem, Nova Scotia

Alexandra Clause

Alexandra Clause, Middlewood, NS, Milklake Shambhala Retreat Centre

Nancy Chisholm

Nancy Chisholm, Annapolis Royal, NS, Municipality of the County of Annapolis

Ernest Culberson

Ernest Culberson Jacksonville, New Brunswick, Canada (Five Tier Farms SEG Woodstock Sustainable Energy Group Transition Town Woodstock) – We grow organic potatoes for CSAs  and CSAs have led our farm to a healthy state financially.    Weather is a problem.   Cashflows are still a problem.     IPCC report says farmers can be leaders for change.   So I have two visions I want to share: 1: Community Supported Energy or Fueling   2: Money Creation and decay that is similar to the Earth’s rhythms. 

Paul Callaghan

Paul Callaghan, Wolfville Community Fund – Directly relates to a number of initiatives I am involved in; Wolfville Community Fund, Acadia Cinema CoOp, Horton Ridge Malt & Grain Co.


Adam Davies

 Adam Davies


Frédérick Dion

Frédérick Dion, Petit-Rocher, Nouveau-Brunswick, Canada (AFMNB)

Meghan Doucette

Meghan Doucette, Hubbards, NS – This spring I will be completing my Bachelor of Management degree with a major in Environment, Sustainability, and Society from Dalhousie University. I have a passion for community building, local food systems, and active transportation. This combination of skills and interests has led me to want to start a local foods grocery store and cafe in my hometown of Chester, Nova Scotia. I hope to enhance my ability to make this dream a reality by attending this conference.

Councillor Terry Dorey

Councillor Terry Dorey, Bridgewater, NS (Municipality of the District of Lunenburg)

Laura DeGrace

Laura DeGrace Havelock, NB, Canada – I have started a social enterprise called Green Eye Cooperative Ltd. We work largely with rural communities in NB, developing skills and networks to promote sustainability and community.

Albert Dunphy

Albert Dunphy Annapolis Royal, NS, Municipality of the County of Annapolis

Mary Davidson

Mary Davidson Blyth, ON (Blyth Arts & Cultural Initiative 14/19 Inc.)

Jean Louis Deveau

Jean Louis Deveau Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada 

Anna DeNicola

Anna DeNicola Newport, Nova Scotia (Highland Farm) – Small scale organic farmer.

Leon de Vreede

Leon de Vreede, Bridgewater, NS (Town of Bridgewater) – It connects to my work as Sustainability Planner for the Town of Bridgewater. I am being sent by my employer along with 2 members of our Town Council.


Kelly Ells

Kelly Ells, Kentville, NC (Valley Regional Entreprise Network).  The Valley Regional Enterprise Network is in the early stages of developing and implementing a regional economic development strategy for our area. I see the conference as an opportunity to explore ideas and connect with people passionate about creating a prosperous and healthy economy.

Calum Ewing

Calum Ewing – Nova Scotia Communities, Culture & Heritage, Halifax, NS

Councillor Michael Ernst

Councillor Michael Ernst, Bridgewater, NS (Municipality of the District of Lunenberg)

Marcella Edwards

Marcella Edwards   Bear River, Nova Scotia, Canada – To make new connections and deepen existing ones with those who also are working to bring about a change in construct towards more rural options, sustainable action leading towards prosperity, to  broaden the range and  scope of local action.

Beth Earle

Beth Earle Cornwallis Park, Nova Scotia, Canada (Annapolis Basin Conference Centre) –  I attended the Georgetown Conference, Redefining Rural, in 2013 and found it to be a truly inspiring event.  It’s important to me that living in rural areas continues to be a viable choice for generations to come.  This requires sharing of ideas and finding new ways of maintaining strong and healthy communities.


Councillor Frank Fawson

Councillor Frank Fawson  Dayspring, NS (District of Lunenburg) – Rural Nova Scotia is one of the most attractive places in Canada to live. Sustainable local economies can allow all generations to live here. Finding ways to do as much as we can for ourselves within our communities is the key. I hope to learn new ways to do this

Phil Ferraro

Phil Ferraro 114 Upper Prince Street, Prince Edward Island, Canada (Institute for Bioregional Studies Ltd.) – We have been proponents of regional economies since the late 70s
 This is not to discount the importance of exports but it serves as an example that by displacing imports we can grow our economy with local entrepreneurs  running businesses rather than big box store clerks working part-time at minimal wages.
 Circulating dollars, branding the unique qualities of our region and embracing social enterprise and building prosperity are attainable goals in the New EconomyInstitute for Bioregional Studies Ltd.

Paula Foley

 Paula Foley Alberton, PEI, Canada (Holland College)

Karen Foster

Karen Foster Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada (Dalhousie University (Sociology and Social Anthropology)) –  As the Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Rural Futures for Atlantic Canada at Dalhousie, I am studying alternatives to economic growth (e.g. work-sharing, local currencies) in rural communities. I want to use the conference as a chance to connect with people working on these kinds of initiatives.


Kathy Gildart

Kathy Gildart, St.Thomas de Kent, NB (Évènements MKG) – I want to attend this conference as it relates to my work. I am a community events coordinator and an upcoming project I am working on with a client (sustainable development group) involves many of the issues to be discussed at your event.

Peggy Gregory

Peggy Gregory Middleton, NS, Canada

Councillor Michael Graves

Councillor Michael Graves, Bridgewater, NS (Town of Bridgewater) – I am a Councillor for the Town of Bridgewater and the Coordinator for the United Way of Lunenburg County. I believe that the opportunity to successfully grow our communities has to come from within. We can achieve a lot when we work together on common goals.

Barbara Gebuhr

Barbara Gebuhr, Midway, NB, Chipoudy Communities Revitalization Committee 

Julie Glaser

Julie Glaser, Berwick, NS (Town of Berwick) – Rural Canada is a our calling card. From shore to shore, the beauty and the bounty in between inspires those who seek to shape the future from what we experience as our present-past: a rooted connection to the earth, community, and an understanding of sustainability in ways that only rural dwellers know because we live it, problem solving daily to address the issues. Creativity, curiosity, resourcefulness are our natural traits: my reasons to come, connect, delve into the bigger picture.

Paul Gregory

Paul Gregory Middleton, Nova Scotia, Canada – I am interested in helping create a more equitable and sustainable society to live in. A society based on community involvement, cooperation, and looking after others needs as well as my own. A place where everyone is valued for their own unique abilities and gifts and everyone does their best for the whole. A place where all the resources are used only when and as needed, not exploited to make certain people become rich. A place where multi-national companies and banks do run governments


Louise Hartley

Louise Hartley, Grand-Barachois, NB (Transition Beausejour) – I am very interested in the transition movement. Small scale farming and promoting local economies.

Andy Horsnell

Andy Horsnell Canning, Nova Scotia, Canada (Common Good Solutions Inc.) – I am passionate about helping non-profits and other community groups to sustainably achieve their goals by starting and growing mission-related social enterprises.  I have pursued this interest for over twenty years as a nonprofit manager, volunteer, and consultant.  A co-founder of Common Good Solutions, Atlantic Canada’s first Benefit Corporation, I have worked directly with hundreds of community-based enterprises throughout the United States and Canada.

Deputy Warden Timothy Habinski

Deputy Warden Timothy Habinski Annapolis Royal, NS, Municipality of the County of Annapolis

Marc Henrie

Marc Henrie, Saint-Paul, NB (Commission des services régionaux de Kent).  I am a social entrepreneur. I became one of the youngest ”mayor” in the history of NB in my non incorporated area of Saint-Paul in 2006 to make a difference and save my small town from loosing its people and its services. I am always eager to learn and debate new and innovative ideas and also share my experiences with others as with some development, we manage to stop loosing 5-10% of our people from census to censu in 2006 to record our first increase of population since 1981.

Norah and Peter Heelis

Norah and Peter Heelis St. Stephen, NB, Canada (Gore Farm) – As a small mutli generational farm we aE committed to building local sustainable community. Our family is also involved in education with two teachers working at the high school level. We are also  involved in the operation of a nature park in the region as well as local business groups. We believe to build our local economy we must work together to find new approaches. We also have an association with a small local university which offers sustainability  and international studies courses.

Lori Heath

Lori Heath St. Johnn’s, Newfoundland, Canada, Grand Design – I am deeply involved in permaculture, Community Land Trusts, Local Currencies and cooperative development and very much want to share ideas with those who are working in similar fields in Atlantic Canada!

Bob Howard

Bob Howard Granville Beach, Nova Scotia – I support economic well-being in Annapolis County

Garth Hood

Garth Hood Fredericton, NB, Thoughtful Dwellings – It seems the current way of doing things is making a very few people rich while the rest of us (and governments) struggle to make ends meet.  It would be great to learn more about some of the solutions!

Erin Hartley

Erin Hartley Shelburne, NS, Canada (Municipality of Shelburne)

Catie Heym

Catie Heym Newport, NS – To empower myself and others.



Cody Joudry

 Cody Joudry Annapolis Royal, NS, Municipality of the County of Annapolis



Ron Kelly-Spurles

Ron Kelly-Spurles Sackville, New Brunswick

Nancy Kleins

Nancy Kleins Lockeport, Nova Scotia, Canada (Lockeport Landing)



Susan Lane

Susan Lane – Administration Manager, Clean Annapolis River Project – Annapolis Royal – As an administrative practitioner in the voluntary sector for over 25 years in a rural setting, I was interested in participating in the opportunity to delve into concrete ideas that support the perpetuation and enhancement of a rural economy and hope to gain practical tools that could make a difference.

Joanne Laferriere

Joanne Laferriere – Clementsvale, NS

Mike Lancaster

Mike Lancaster Halifax, NS, Canada (St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association) – I wish to attend the Local Prosperity conference to gain more knowledge on the local economic successes that have occurred in Nova Scotia. Knowledge that I can help apply to my own community.

Jessie Litvin

 Jessie Litvin Halifax, Nova Scotia (Gokalo) – Addressing the issues of local economy not only shapes the way we can deal with environmental and economic problems, but also enhances the dynamic support of community and personal well-being.


Angélique LeBlanc

Angélique LeBlanc, Yarmouth, NS, Western Regional Enterprise Network (Western REN) – I am the CEO of a newly formed Regional Enterprise Network with a regional economic development mandate.



Wes and Connie MacAleer

Wes and Connie MacAleer, Charlottetown, PE.

Councillor Marvin MacDonald

Councillor Marvin MacDonald, O’Leary, PEI (Town of O’Leary, PEI) – I am serving my 2nd year term on O’Leary town council and seeking any ideas to improve our town council and life of our citizens.

Councillor Byron Mersereau

Councillor Byron Mersereau  Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada (Town of Annapolis Royal)

Jeffrey MacTavish

Jeffrey MacTavish, Director of Economic Development at City of Miramichi, Mirimichi, NB – Although the City of Miramichi is the largest urban centre in Northern New Brunswick, much of the Miramichi region (our trade area) is rural.

Kevin Matthews

Kevin Matthews Environmental Filmmaker / Cooperative Enterprise, Fredericton NB – Have worked for many years to create local economics and coops.

Stephen McInnis

Stephen McInnis Annapolis Royal, NS, Municipality of the County of Annapolis

John David MacCulloch

John David MacCulloch, Kentville, NS (Kentville Development Corporation Ltd.) – Networking, education, profile fullfillment.

Peter MacLellan

Peter MacLellan, Cornwallis Park, NS (Annapolis Basin Conference Centre) – I’ve been a Rural Economic Development consultant for the past five years.

Kim MacDonald

Kim MacDonald, Elmsdale, NS (Municipality of East Hants) – Economic and community development planning process.

Patrice Michaud

Patrice Michaud  Dalhousie, NB, Canada (Town of Dalhousie) – I attend the conference in Georgetown last year and I am vary interested in the economic development in rural New-Brunswick

Christian Maguire

Christian Maguire  Bridgewater, NS, Province of Nova Scotia – Economic and Rural Development & Tourism – To seek new ideas and opportunities for rural economic development.

Cheryl Mason

Cheryl Mason Annapolis Royal, NS, Municipality of the County of Annapolis

Cynthia MacLean

Cynthia MacLean, Tatamagouche, NS (Tatamagouche Centre)

Jayme Melrose

Jayme Melrose, Halifax, NS (Common Roots Urban Farm)

Georgia McNeil

Georgia McNeil Margaree Forks, Nova Scotia (Ecology Action Centre)

Arlene MacDonald

Arlene MacDonald New Glasgow, NS, Canada (Pictou County Women’s Centre/Community Sector Council of NS) – Why: This is a great follow-up event to the Georgetown Conference. In our community we are gradually making the shift away from the traditional reliance on the manufacturing industry. I’m excited about exploring a new economy which is home grown and sustainable through our own resources and skills. Now is a time for innovation and engagement.

Councillor Alex Morrison

Councillor Alex Morrison Annapolis Royal, NS, Municipality of the County of Annapolis

Amy Matthews

Amy Matthews Annapolis Royal, NS, 

Angela Melanson

Angela Melanson, Wolfville, NS (Wolfville Farmers Market)

Susan MacQuarrie

Susan MacQuarrie Truro, Nova Scotia (Chignecto-Central Regional School Board)

Mayor David MacDonald

Mayor David MacDonald  Souris, PEI, Canada (Town of Souris, PEI) – Having attended the Georgetown conference I would hope to learn more about municipal government in smaller communities.  I am currently Mayor of the Town of Souris, Prince Edward Island.

Councillor Paul McDonald

Councillor Paul McDonald Annapolis Royal, NS, Municipality of the County of Annapolis


Dr. Marco Navarro-Genie

 Dr. Marco Navarro-Genie President & CEO, AIMS (Atlantic Institute for Market Studies)




Johanne Paquette

Johanna Paquette, Cap Pelé, NB – Vision H2O (Groupe du bassin versant de la région de Cap-Pelé Inc.).  





Jean Robinson-Dexter

Jean Robinson-Dexter Brooklyn, Nova Scotia (Horizons Community Development Associates Inc.)  – Our consulting firm works with communities and organizations in planning and community development We are very interested in enhancing our skills in living local economies.  Personally, I am very involved in arts and culture in my community and see it as an important part of our recovery from the loss of the major industry the region depended upon.

Theresa Richards

Theresa Richards, Sackvillle, NB, Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network Co-op – I’m excited about all of the opportunities in Atlantic Canada, and even more excited to network with other like-minded citizens who want to engage to bring tradition to the future.

Sue Rickards

Sue Rickards, Lower Queensbury, NB, SPADE (Sunrise Partnership for Agriculture Development and Education) – SPADE operates a social enterprise (Sunrise Farm) which promotes socioeconomic inclusion.  Plus, Greg Heming invited us.

Warden Reg Ritchie

Warden Reg Ritchie, Annapolis Royal, NS, Municipality of the County of Annapolis

Hal Richman

Hal Richman, Stillwater Lake, Nova Scotia – Productivity Solutions  

Sarah Ravlić

Sarah Ravlić

John J. Rowe

John J. Rowe Montague, PEI, Canada (PEI Woodlot Owners Association)

Councillor Martha Roberts

Councillor Martha Roberts Annapolis Royal, NS, Municipality of the County of Annapolis

Douglas Ronne

Douglas Ronne, Baddeck,NS

Debra Ryan

Debra Ryan Annapolis Royal, NS, Municipality of the County of Annapolis


Diane Savoie

Diane Savoie, Moncton, NB (GDDPC) – New Economic for Rural Canada is of interest to me in many ways . As a founding member of Slow Food Cocagne Acadie and project officer for le Groupe de Development durable du Pays the Cocagne I am involved in a project and long term strategy for my rural community, Le Pays de Cocagne.


Genny Smith

Genny Smith Blyth ON (Blyth Arts & Cultural Initiative 14/19 Inc.)

Karen Stewart

Karen Stewart, Blyth, ON. (Blyth Arts & Cultural Initiative 14/19 Inc.)

Shannon Shields

Shannon Shields  Boutiliers Point, Nova Scotia, Canada (St. Margaret’s Bay Chamber of Commerce (Plus other associations)) – I am very passionate about local sustainability, and I am just getting started on my journey!
 I am 31, have 2 small children and a passion for small business development – I see unlimited value in this conference and cannot wait to take it all in and gain knowledge that I can share with my local business community and even community in general.

 I am hoping that the Chamber of Commerce will pay for my attendance, but if not how would I go about requesting a donated attendance? Thank you

Heather Scott

Heather Scott, Wallace, NS – I want to become more informed of local issues and initiatives. I am also a PhD student studying integral sustainability. 

Penny Smith

Penny Smith, Shelburne, NS (Municipality of the District of Shelburne) – I’m attending this event to increase my skills set in order to help progress my community in any way that I can. I also see this as an excellent networking opportunity.

Peter Smith

Peter Smith Blyth, Ontario (Blyth Arts & Cultural Initiative 14/19 Inc.)

Susan Szpakowski

Susan Szpakowski, Halifax, NS (Engage Nova Scotia) – To learn, network and contribute.

Francine St.Amand

Francine St.Amand, In October 2013 I attended the Georgetown Conference on Rural Revitalization. That experience helped me muster the courage and determination to work in my own community to keep the message alive that rural areas do have the potential to be revitalized. Meeting like-minded people helps to build our collective courage and awareness as we learn from each other’s experiences.

Voproca Sporea

Voproca Sporea, Bridgewater, NS (Municipality of the District of Lunenburg) – Because I am working for a municipal government in rural Nova Scotia, I want to learn what is being done province wide.

Sheila Stevenson

Sheila Stevenson, Fergusons Cove, NS. To extend my personal network and spend some time with people whose passions and interests align with mine, to see how and where I might contribute to a sustainable and healthy economy in which rural and urban are happily intertwined, if only as a cheerleader, because my volunteer work to celebrate a culture of plant enthusiasts and as an activist on behalf of horticulture and a local food economy is congruent with the aims of the conference as I understand them, and I love this distinctive part of the world, even on a dirty day like today!

Julia Sable

Julia Sable Halifax, NS, Canada (Economic & Rural Development and Tourism) – I am working on youth and entrepreneurship, and I’m quite interested in how this fits into strengthening rural economies.

Natalie Smith

Natalie Smith, Yarmouth, NS,  Town of Yarmouth, Economic Development Officer

Ron Kelly-Spurles

Ron Kelly-Spurles, Sackville, NB (Town of Sackville)

Mary Sweatman

Mary Sweatman, Wolfville, NS (Acadia University).   Networking opportunities, learning new and innovative community development strategies, and engaging in conversations around community resilience. As well as promote Acadia University’s Community Development Program.

Ida Scott

Ida Scott Bridgewater, NS, Canada (Bridgewater Development Association) – I am interested in learning about enhancing the economy in rural Nova Scotia.  I am interested in involving people in working together for common goals of enhancing the economy in rural Nova Scotia.

Beverly Shaw

Beverly Shaw Community of O’Leary, PEI


Councillor Margaret Tusz-King

Councillor Margaret Tusz-King, Sackville, NS (Town of Sackville).  We need fresh ideas, new connectors and a holistic approach to save our Maritime economy.

Emily Tipton

Emily Tipton Shelburne, NS, Canada

Kyle Tutty

Kyle Tutty. I want to learn more about what it will take to build a strong and self-reliant local economy.

Kim Thompson

Kim Thompson Lower Ship Harbour, the Deanery  – The Deanery Project has been a successful working model of how Nova Scotia can create meaningful employment and social enterprise in rural communities since its start up in 2012. We look forward to sharing ideas and opportunities with others who share similar goals.

Councillor Michael Tower

Councillor Michael Tower Sackville, New Brunswick (Councillor – Town of Sackville) 

Councillor Jayne Turner

Councillor Jayne Turner Village of Grand Manan, Grand Manan, NB – I would like our community to be more self-sufficient 

Mayor Michael Tompkins

Mayor Michael Tompkins Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia – The Town of Annapolis Royal has an interest in the success of the conference.



Uli von Hagen

Uli von Hagen Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (NS DNR) – As a civil servant I want to help regenerating our local communities and implement a broader vision for Nova Scotia, one built locally from the ground up based on a long term vision rooted in sustainability, vibrant culture and a renewed focus on our traditions. It requires effort from individuals, social entrepreneurs, government, and all kind of businesses. The principle of subsidiarity is broad enough to favour local bonds while nevertheless acknowledging the good of international trade.


Paul Volenik

Paul Volenik, Bear River, NS – Our current civilization is failing the world’s people and biosphere. We must repair it or replace it.



Andrew Wetmore

 Andrew Wetmore, Clementsport, NS (Cottage 14).  I spent decades working away from my home in Nova Scotia, not always by choice. Having a portable job I could do remotely over the Internet made returning home possible. I want to explore how to make it possible for others to both have sustaining and fulfilling work AND live where they want to live.

Ira Wilbur

Ira Wilbur, Midway, NB, Chipoudy Communities Revitalization Committee –  Community development

Mayor David Walker

Mayor David Walker Bridgewater, NS, Canada (Town of Bridgewater) – Status quo is not sustainable, so we need to examine new ways of doing things.

Seumas Watson

Seumas Watson – Nova Scotia Highland Village Museum

Lisa Wolfe

Lisa Wolfe 4568 Route 12, Nova Scotia, Canada (Ross Farm Museum) – We at Ross Farm Museum are building a Heritage Skills learning Centre and will be participating in the Up-Skilling event. This will be a great opportunity to share ideas and make new contacts.

Councillor Marilyn Wilkins

Councillor Marilyn Wilkins Annapolis Royal, NS, Municipality of the County of Annapolis



Janice Young

Janice Young Annapolis Royal, NS, Municipality of the County of Annapolis

Carolyn Young

Carolyn Young  Annapolis Royal, NS, Municipality of the County of Annapolis