Building & Sharing Local Prosperity In The Region

A New Model For Economic Development


The Centre for Local Prosperity is a registered Nova Scotia non-profit organization promoting local economic solutions for rural communities throughout Canada. The Centre organizes major conferences and small community based working sessions and we conduct evidence-based studies that often lead to community consultation and implementation. We draw on examples throughout the world and right here at home. Our work draws its strength through citizen, business and local government collaboration. We encourage practical, innovative and experimental community development initiatives and sustainable business practices that focus on balancing community purpose with business and industry profit.

The Centre draws on the work and wisdom of Wendell Berry, Jane Jacobs, Fritz Schumacher, Susan Witt and others who understand how best a local community can begin to re-localize and regain control of their own economic future. We network with leading voices in Atlantic Canada and internationally in order to help guide communities and organizations in finding ways to implement new economic models that address climate change, declining population, and global supply disruption. We work with local municipalities in assessing community needs and in drafting strategic plans that provide economic and democratic solutions to fulfill those needs.

The Centre for Local Prosperity welcomes discussions on how our Centre staff can assist you and your community in developing economic plans, strategies, and policies that advance your long-term future.

The Centre for Local Prosperity is pleased that is was able to work jointly with the City of Miramichi, New Brunswick to host the second regional conference on Local Prosperity. Local Prosperity 2016: A Regional Conference on New Economics for Rural Canada ( which took place in Miramichi, New Brunswick, November 3-6, 2016. Materials from this conference can be found at the website.

Future activities and events are being planned and will be announced as they are confirmed. 


Sept 28 – Oct 1

THINKERS LODGE 60th Anniversary

Empowering our Climate Future for Rural Communities

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