Local Prosperity - April 2015 - Annapolis Royal, NS

The first Local Prosperity Conference held in Annapolis Royal, NS in April 2015 was two events combined into one. A one-day Up!Skilling Festival was open to the public and provided a chance to learn a range of ‘do-it-yourself’ skills, crafts and trades taught by experienced teachers. The main conference Local Prosperity: New Economics for Rural Canada was a two and one-half day experience in vision, practice, and action. We explored the possible, learn from others, and prepare to return home and implement new community building tools.

This conference focused on how individuals, businesses, and communities can design and then implement a practical blueprint for a prosperous future and a healthy economy – a future that is cooperative, compassionate, and long-term. An economy that leads people to meaningful and dignified work, respects nature’s capital, and reflects a culture of both growth and harmony.

View the April 2015 conference Recap Trailer: