Climate Change Retreat

Sept 28 – Oct 1, 2017


Sixtieth Anniversary Retreat

Thinkers Lodge, Pugwash

Nova Scotia, Canada

“We know there are no more chances. It is not going away, and today is the time to get it right in dealing with the climate crisis. Our world will live with it for the rest of our history, just as we have lived with the twentieth century legacy of nuclear war. Our shared duty now, as one people, is to protect and repair our Earth, even as we prepare ourselves for its future unknowns.“

Pugwash, Nova Scotia


Climate Change & the Human Prospect: A Thinkers Retreat

A two and one-half day intensive discussion with global and local thinkers to define a path to restore and revitalize local communities in the face of climate change

Sixty years after the original Pugwash Retreat on nuclear proliferation, humankind faces the legacy of an industrialized world, Climate Change. It is the defining crisis of our times, and as citizens of this Earth, we recognize and acknowledge it is a tragedy of our own making.

Inspired by this original gathering and armed with a conviction that local action is not only possible, but the path forward, 24 global and regional Thinkers, representing all aspects of community life, gathered for two and a half days of intense, intentional conversation focused on actionable, locally-focused and forward-motion Climate Change plans.

We believe this retreat can be a significant part of fostering a Climate Change Movement in Atlantic Canada. 

This retreat was a beginning, a first step toward what we hope will be an ongoing and positive movement generating new ideas and innovations to help our communities survive and thrive in the midst of changes to come.



Twenty-four women and men, many strangers to one another, gathered together for two and a half days to reflect and dialogue on the impossible. During their conversations they were asked to “remember their humanity and forget the rest.”  We would like to acknowledge these individuals for their generosity of spirit, their many insights and learnings, and their bravery.